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Paper & Ink Studio Offers

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Paper & Ink Studio Offers

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We offer wallets!

Paper & Ink Studio Offers

We offer wallets!

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Paper and Size – Why it matters

Paper & Ink Studio Paper

Often people don’t choose the right paper. Although Premium Luster is great it is not always the way to go . It may not always look bad, but do you want people to say “This is not bad” or do you want them to say “Dude, this is fantastic”?

(I am not trying to say that you should stop printing on Premium Luster, I love Luster and there is nothing wrong with it. It is great for a lot of photos, just not all.)

I know I want people to be as stoked as I am about my photography. Adding your image to the right paper can add a little to this experience and what people might think and say.

If you sell your art, changing the paper you use could really set you apart. Now I know you are probably thinking, you are selling your photography and not the paper. But you are! You are selling your art. Art matters! It matters how you display and prepare your art.

We have lots of paper to choose from that all have different characteristics. Each is good for different reasons. We offer sample packs for $10. It includes all types of paper we offer, a sample greating card, and a $10 voucher for your next purchase of $20 or more.

Let’s talk about size.

Think about what you want your audience to feel.

Do you want people to really get close and intimate and get to know the subject? Then choose a smaller size it makes the audience get up close and personal. The image on the left below (taken by photographer Katherine Ruth) is an example of what you would make small.

If your images are bold and graphic, or you just don’t need to make a personal connection in order to get it, make it large!Go big or go home, right? It can just be a fantastic shot and have no meaning behind it like the photo on the right (taken by photographer Dan O’Neill).

Paper & Ink Studio will work with you to help you with your questions. Shoot us an email at and show us your images and ask your questions!

We also have a phone, give us a call at 608-516-7161. We are are friendly