Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your maximum print size?
The largest we can print is 40” by whatever length you need.


How archival are the prints?
We print on the most archival paper which can last you 200 years for color prints and 400 years for B&W prints, if displayed/stored properly. Our inks are also archival.


What printers do you use?
We use an Epson P9000.


What file format should I save my images in for printing?
Tiff files are best. Jpegs are also accepted.


What is the optimal resolution for my image?
We use 300ppi for all prints. If your file is not large enough, send us the largest file you have available and we can resize it for you.


Do you keep the print settings so I can order identical prints in the future?
 Yes, we maintain all files on back up.


Do you protect the privacy of my images?
 Yes, we guarantee that your files are secure with us. We will never share your artwork with anyone or create prints from your file without your consent.


If I do not see a size listed, is it not available?
We charge per square inch. Our maximum print size is 40” by any length. Our minimum print size is 8×10″.


Are paper samples available?
 Yes, for $10, you will receive strips with various images to compare all of the papers. This price includes shipping and a $10 voucher to use on your next purchase of $20 or more.


Do you offer proofs?
 Yes, each proof is altered to fit your needs which is why we do not have a set price. Message me for quote and we will be happy to work with you.